18-05 Wander Choir & Musical Labyrinth Walk

May 1, 2018 at Eagle Nest Labyrinth, Kwomais Point Park, South Surrey, BC   Led by Heidi McCurdy with choir members and guests.


FB Video Wander Choir

Heidi McCurdy Poem 2018

The circle of sound
has been waiting for us.

Music has been dancing here
hoping that somebody will stop by and sing it.

We wander here to listen
and to restore right relationship.

As we weave our voices together
we unweave the tapestry of time
so that we can remember
what has been lost
and reclaim that which we think
we have forgotten.

As we listen deeply to the songs
of the unseen who live here
we offer our gratitude
we offer our bodies as instruments
of joy, sound, surrender.

As we sing together among the trees
we sing ourselves back home
into our own tree bodies
the breath of the forest on our skin
the fragrance of life fulfilling
an ancient longing in our lungs
opening our hungry mouths
so that we too can breathe again.

As our voices intertwine up, over and through each other
we weave invisible strings that draw
scattered parts of ourselves and our world back together
that loosen our cages
so that the birds within our own hearts can fly free.

Here, in this forest
beneath the canopy of fir and birdsong
there is no mistaking
there is no forgetting
that this circle is much bigger and older and wiser
than our small, reverent song.

May the music continue to shimmer here
long after our song is gone.


Video by @jevongreco


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